GIS in Action 2019 has ended
Welcome to the 27th annual GIS in Action Conference!

GIS technology and professionals are at work around the clock to support our basic needs and our livelihoods. From directing emergency responders to the scene of an accident, to synchronizing trading on Wall Street, to building 5G networks that support self-driving cars, geospatial data and technology helps us understand our environment and improves the quality of our lives.

Whether you are a LiDAR analyst working on risk mitigation, a wildlife biologist conducting habitat assessment, or an economic policy advisor modeling for financial stability, the geospatial approach provides a lens to illuminate and advance our diverse interests and goals.

We are excited to have you join us at this year’s GIS In Action conference. For our keynote, Sisinnio Concas, Ph.D., Program Director for the Center for Urban Transportation Research, will share his insights into autonomous and connected vehicles and how new data sources are critical to developing smarter cars and smarter roads. Through the conference’s diverse sessions, workshops, and socials, you will have opportunities to learn and share with your colleagues and make new professional connections.

GIS in Action is a collaborative effort between the Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter of URISA and the Columbia River Region chapter of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). The value of the geospatial industry grows greater every year, and every year GIS In Action brings together talented, creative people to share what they’re working on. Let’s share our collective IQ, learn from one another, and build a stronger, more vibrant community. We look forward to meeting you!

Camille Westlake, President, ASPRS Columbia River Region
Molly Vogt, President, Oregon & SW Washington URISA

The conference takes place Monday, April 22nd and Tuesday, April 23rd in the 3rd floor ballroom at Smith Memorial Student Union on the Portland State University campus (1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201 ).

avatar for Shivon Van Allen

Shivon Van Allen

NW Natural
GIS Technician

Sachi Arakawa

Cascadia Partners
Planning Associate and GIS Analyst
avatar for Micah Babinski

Micah Babinski

ELYON International Inc
GIS Project Manager

David Banis

Portland State University
Associate Director CSAR

Zuriel van Belle

Portland State University

Eric Bohard, GISP

Clackamas County
Technical Services Manager

Lesley Bross

Geography, Portland State University
Senior Analyst Programmer
avatar for Theresa Burcsu

Theresa Burcsu

State of Oregon
Oregon GIS Framework Coordinator

Eric Butler

Portland State University
Master's student, Environmental Science and Management

Deanna Caracciolo

Oregon Coastal Management Program
Rocky Shores Coordinator

Danila Cariello

Decision Lens
Account Executive
avatar for Tom Carlson

Tom Carlson

US Geological Survey
Geospatial Liaison

Sean Carroll

US Army Corps of Engineers

Levi Cecil

Portland Public School
GIS Specialist
avatar for Tia Cody

Tia Cody

Portland State University

Wayne Coffey

Portland Public Schools
IWMS Building Information and GIS Manager
avatar for Sisinnio Concas, Ph.D.

Sisinnio Concas, Ph.D.

Center for Urban Transportation Research
Program Director
avatar for Paul Cone

Paul Cone

City of Portland
GIS Analyst

Charlotte Copp

Lewis and Clark College: Class of 2018
Student of Environmental Studies

Emily Day

U.S. Census Bureau

Dan DeLurio

University of Washington,Oregon Coastal Management Program, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
Communications Officer

Geoffrey Duh

Geography, Portland State University
Associate Professor

Anthony Falkner

First American Title - Portland, Oregon
GIS Specialist & Geospatial Data Administrator

Heather Fischer

Oregon State University
avatar for Matt Freid

Matt Freid

City of Portland
Corporate GIS Manager
avatar for Laurel Garrett

Laurel Garrett

NW Natural
GIS Technician

Brian Glass

Department of Human Services, State of Oregon
Research Analyst
avatar for Marcus Glass

Marcus Glass

Timmons Group
Business Development Manager
avatar for Matthew Gregg

Matthew Gregg

Portland State University
avatar for Patrick Gronli

Patrick Gronli

Portland General Electric
GIS Manager

Krystle Harrell

Portland State University
Masters Student of Geography
avatar for Grant Herbert

Grant Herbert

FLO Analytics
Senior GIS Analyst/Developer
avatar for Ben Hillam

Ben Hillam

Portland General Electric
Sr. GIS Developer

Tim Hitchins

Portland Community College / Mapping Action Collective
GIS Analyst/Developer/Instructor
avatar for Jamon Van Den Hoek

Jamon Van Den Hoek

Oregon State University
Assistant Professor

Tanja Hopmans

Portland Public Schools
Information Projext Analyst (CAD/GIS)
avatar for David Howes

David Howes

David Howes, LLC
Geospatial Information Scientist

Jarrett Keifer

Geography, Portland State University
Senior Programmer

John Kidd

Crook County
GIS Analyst

Robert Krisher

POWER Engineers, Inc

Rich L'Esperance

Campbell Group

Beth Lamb

Portland State University

Andy Lanier

Oregon Coastal Management Program
Marine Affairs Coordinator
avatar for Erin Leithead

Erin Leithead

University of Washington Tacoma
avatar for Richard Lycan

Richard Lycan

Portland State University
Professor emeritus of Geography and Urban Studies.

Kyle Marenger

Oregon Department of Transportation
GIS Data Analyst

Jonathan McDowell

Clackamas County Technology Services
Information Software Specialist

Lauren McKinney

Portland State University
avatar for Gavin McRobbie

Gavin McRobbie

City of Hillsboro Public Works Department
Management Analyst
avatar for Katelyn Michelson

Katelyn Michelson

City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
Engineering Technician
avatar for Alicia Milligan

Alicia Milligan

Portland State University
Masters Student of Geography
avatar for Randall Morris

Randall Morris

Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
Community GIS Project Leader
avatar for Al Mowbray

Al Mowbray

Metro Data Resource Center
Associate GIS Specialist

Sydney Neeley

NASA's Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center
Geospatial Data Scientist
avatar for Andrew Neuman

Andrew Neuman

City of Portland
Principal GIS Analyst

Robert Nicholas

University of Oregon

Will Nolan

University of Washington

Will Nolan

University of Washington, Oregon Coastal Management Program, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
GIS Technician, Researcher

Lindsay Palmquist

Portland State University

David Percy

Portland State University
Geospatial Data Manager

Solomon Pulapkura

VESTRA Resources, Inc
Business Development Manager

Jordan Purdy

Department of Human Services

Levi Roberts

Crook County
GIS Manager

John Ruffing

Account Manager
avatar for Christine Rutan

Christine Rutan

GIS Specialist
Oregon Metro

Janine Salwasser

Institute for Natural Resources at OSU
Oregon Explorer Program Lead
avatar for Joe Severson, GISP

Joe Severson, GISP

Oregon State Marine Board
Planning and GIS Coordinator
avatar for John Sharrard

John Sharrard

Solution Engineer
avatar for Cy Smith, GISP

Cy Smith, GISP

OSCIO Geospatial Enterprise Office
Oregon State Geographic Information Office
avatar for Madeline Steele

Madeline Steele

Electronic Survey Developer and Analyst
avatar for Eric Stipe

Eric Stipe

NW Natural
GIS Supervisor

Jonathan Tissandier

University of Washington, Oregon Coastal Management Program, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
GIS Technician
avatar for Alexa Todd

Alexa Todd

Oregon Metro
GIS Specialist
avatar for Matt Vaillant

Matt Vaillant

Latitude Geographics
Account Manager

Jack Walker

Oregon Tech
Professor of Geomatics
avatar for Camille Westlake

Camille Westlake

Quantum Spatial
Senior Solutions Developer